Source Audio C4 Synth Reviews

Source Audio’s One Series pedals can operate in stereo and mono and share a number of features. With 128 built-in preset locations, these digital pedals are extremely powerful, and when used with Neuro graphics editing and librarian software – a mobile app for all iOS and Android devices (wired connection) and a desktop version for Mac and Windows – you are given full control over the effect.

Here we are going to take a look at the C4 Synth pedal. Like others in the series, such as the Source Audio EQ2 programmable equalizer, there is a control input jack for the Source Audio dual expression pedal and a USB port. You will need this editing software handy to allow you to adjust the editing parameters, stereo routing options and advanced EQ control, and of course to manage your presets.

C4 audio source

(Image credit: audio source)

The C4 pedal is essentially a modular synth in a box with six of its 128 presets accessible from pedal switches and the rest via MIDI.

You get front-panel sound control via an input level knob, a mixer knob that sets a mix of your guitar sound and synth vocals, and two control knobs that change parameters specific to your guitar. each preset.

In addition to that, you have the functions of the Alt button for envelope sensitivity and output volume. The key to using this pedal is setting up your presets through the Neuro app – there are a lot of parameters to edit, as well as a plethora of presets to load.

As with any guitar synthesizer, we remind you to be careful with your technique to avoid problems, but the tracking here is generally smooth and excellent, and you can compose all kinds of recognizable synth sounds or just mix in a touch of weirdness of ear candy for your dry sound. Overall it is a compact and comprehensive source of synth sounds and textures.


  • THE PRICE: $ 239 / £ 249
  • ORIGIN: United States
  • TYPE: Synthesizer pedal
  • FEATURES: True analog bypass selectable buffer or relay, 128 presets
  • CONTROLS: Control input switch, Input / Sense, Mix / Vol, 1, Control 2, Preset switch, control, Bypass pedal
  • CONNECTIONS: Standard inputs (1 & 2), standard outputs (1 & 2), USB, control input
  • POWER: 9V DC adapter (supplied) 165 mA
  • DIMENSIONS: 70 (w) x 114 (d) x 51 mm (h)
  • CONTACT: Audio source

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