Steps to unlock Spiderman as a character


The world of Marvel’s Avenger continues to expand with new characters from the comic book and movie franchise joining the game as playable characters. The latest to join the roster of playable characters is Spiderman. Although reserved for PlayStation owners, the neighborhood hero Spiderman is finally joining the game on November 30.

The character of Spiderman will be available in the game as a reward for the Spider-Man “Hero Event”. Unlike previous “Operations” which introduced new characters, the Spiderman Hero event will be different as it will not bring any new story missions. The Heroes Event will feature a series of audio diaries, along with illustrated cutscenes unlocked as you complete character-specific challenges in Marvel’s Avengers. There’s also an all-new Jarring Sound Raid that can be performed for new gear and rewards.

Here’s how you can unlock Spiderman

In order to unlock Spider-Man as a playable character, you will need to start the new “With Great Power” hero event. All PlayStation players can directly start playing as Spider-Man by simply going to the War Table and clicking the option in the Avenger Initiative. Players don’t need to go through all of the original story campaign missions or more recent updates to play as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers.

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However, note that Spider-Man is only available to those who own a PlayStation copy of Marvel’s Avengers. The hero character and event will be added as free DLC. You can complete some challenges specific to Spidey.

Abilities and Powers

Like all playable characters, Spiderman will have his own unique abilities and powers. He has 3 heroic abilities which are primarily focused on gathering a group of enemies or stun them for other Avengers.

Its first ability is called Web-Bomb, which deals area damage and causes the new webbed status effect on enemies. An enemy caught in the web bomb will be stunned for a short time and be much easier to kill.

The second ability is called Spider-Drone. An AI partner that hovers over Spiderman and shoots webs at enemies within a certain radius. Players can order the drone to follow or stay in one position and shoot webs.

Finally, the ultimate ability is called Wrecking Ball. This ability creates a huge ball of webs that crash into the ground to deal damage to anyone nearby or in its path.

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