The best PC game cabinets under 10,000 rupees


A cabinet is an enclosure that houses all of the hardware components, which consists of a motherboard, power supply unit, cooling system, storage, RAM, and GPU unit. With a large storage space, a game cabinet provides a good cooling solution with plenty of room to mount fans and provide ventilation. Building a gaming PC is every gamer’s dream. Most gamers like see-through cabinets with lots of RGB lights.

Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing a game cabinet.

  • You should check the size of the power supply you choose beforehand, as some of them can be bulky and may not fit all cabinets.
  • Knowing the size of the GPU, some of the 3 fan GPUs are bigger and bulkier. A great example being the Nvidia RTX 3090 or AMD 6800 XT. They might not fit in smaller cabinets.
  • See how much CPU you want to install, storage options, and ports including USB ports and cooling fan attachments.

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Here are our top picks of game cabinets under 10,000 rupees, which you can consider buying to make your build cooler without compromising on efficiency.

  • CHIPTRONEX X310B medium tower ATX cabinet

The Chiptronex X310B cabinet is excellent for people who like a minimalist design and a large cabinet space. At the front of the cabinet is the RGB strip which is changeable with the click of a button. The motherboards supported by this cabinet are ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX. The side of the cabinet has a beautiful clear acrylic panel enhancing the charm of the cabinet.

The company provides a 120mm fan pre-installed with this cabinet, but users can mount 3 more in the front. The ports included are USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, and HD Audio In. The dimensions are 35 x 18.5 x 42cm, which can easily accommodate a 280mm GPU and a CPU cooler height of 150mm.

Price: Rs 1,999.

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Ant Esports ICE-130AG

Ant Espot is a well-known brand for building the best PC cabinet and good quality gaming components. The cabinet has a stylish LED strip on the front panel of this cabinet. The build quality is sturdy and it comes with a magnetic dust filter to keep the components inside clean. The filters used are easily removable. The side panel used in this cabinet is also transparent. Ant Espot provides a 120mm fan with the case, but players can install 3 more in the front, 2 at the top and one at the back to maintain good airflow.

The cabinet supports up to 265mm big GPU and 150mm cooler height. The cabinet dimensions are 34.4 x 19.6 x 43 cm and support both ATX and M-ATX motherboards. Additional features include 2 x HDD, 2 x SSD, 7 x PCI slots, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 audio input and 1 microphone input.

Price: Rs 3,000.

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  • Corsair CC-9011050-WW Carbide Series

Corsair CC-9011050-WW Carbide Series

Corsair is a mark of reliability. The game cabinet is spacious with a large transparent side panel. The design language is clean and robust for a long life. In addition to this, Corsair India offers 2 years of manufacture warranty from the day of purchase. For cooling, users can use up to 4 120mm fans. All cutouts are fitted with filters so that only air circulates inside and not dust particles.

The company also provided cable routing for easy cable management. The cabinet dimensions are 47.75 x 19.81 x 42.93 and have an internal USB 3.0 connector on the front with 7 PCIe slots. The width of the processor is not large, so it is advisable not to go too far for the processor cooling system.

Price: Rs 2,799.

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  • Master MasterBox K501L RGB V2 Cooler

Master MasterBox K501L RGB V2 Cooler

Designed for high performance and gaming. The Masterbox Masterbox is large and spacious. Besides seven 120mm fans, users can also install a 360mm radiator on top. It also has a power shroud, which gives the cabinet a cleaner and minimalist look. These can fit almost any 410mm graphics card, can handle up to 165mm CPU cooler and 180mm power supply.

The side of the cabinet is made of stronger tempered glass for added rigidity. The dimensions are 49.6 x 21.7 x 46.9 cm. The cooler master also provides the cabinet with input for USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports.

Price: Rs 4,299.

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The cabinet gives a clean and polished look which is great for gamers. The Thermaltake H200 has a great cooling solution with large tempered glass panels for protection. The company offers you pre-installed RGB cooling fans that support up to 19 lighting modes. Supported motherboards are ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX. The cabinet is large enough to support almost all PC components.

It supports USB 3.0 ports on the front panel. The cabinet has 2 magnetic dust filters, one at the bottom and one at the top. The dimensions are 52.1 x 49.3 x 26.9cm which is ideal for a GPU up to 320mm long and a CPU cooler up to 180mm.

Price: Rs 5,899.

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NZXT H510 Compact

Ideal for people who like a minimalist and elegant design for their wardrobe. NZXT uses a clean design which is beautiful. It has some features taken from high-end cabinets such as SSD and HDD trays to easily change storage and a convenient cable management system to make the interior cleaner. The cabinet is future-proof with a USB C connector panel, removable radiator mounting bracket, multi-fan filters for better and cleaner airflow.

NZXT provides you with 4 fans in the box, i.e. 3 Aer F120 and 1 Aer F140. In addition to supporting a Type-C port, the cabinets also feature the new USB A 3.1 ports. You can fit all sizes of motherboards and easily replace the traditional CPU cooler with a water cooling system.

Price: Rs 6,799.

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The Lian Li game cabinet features a honeycomb design with beautiful RGB LED fans to give it a premium look. The cabin’s white color gives it a cleaner, more luxurious look. The RGB fan lighting can be controlled via the C and M buttons on the front of the panel. Even if you add a large cooling system and a large graphics card, there will still be enough space in the cabinet for several storage options as its dimensions are 55.88 x 29.21 x 55.88 cm.

The cabinet side panel is made of high quality tempered glass and also has a modular power supply protective cover. The three fans on the front provide an optimized cooling solution and are preinstalled at the factory. Users can also choose to add 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans on the front, 2 x 120/140mm on the top, 1 x 120mm on the back and 2 x 120mm on the top from the power supply chamber. This is one of the best PC cabinets you can consider

Price: Rs 8,703.

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Here is the list of the best game cabinets that you can consider buying. When building a PC, be sure to use a good quality power supply and cooling system, as a cheaper, poor quality system can be fatal to your system. Additionally, availability and price may differ at the time you purchase it.

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