The Immanuelskirche arts center in Wuppertal (Germany) is preparing for the restart of Rvents with RCF Systems

The Emmanuel cultural center, installed in the building of the rededicated church of Emmanuel Church in Wuppertal (Germany), impresses with a versatile and innovative program that also offers experimental events. The scenography of the house itself is as varied as the centre’s program. To prepare for all the possibilities of events, the site management opted for permanently installed loudspeaker systems. FCR and combined them with moving components. As a long-time partner, taking care of the day-to-day operations in the fields of audio and stage technology, Guido Ogrzewallathe company of Sure in Sound was responsible for planning and installing the new system.

The Immanuelskirche has a turbulent history and has been a cultural center run by a support association for 35 years. With three stages, side stands and the apse, various possibilities of organizing events for chamber concerts, jazz evenings, weddings or conferences are available. Guido Ogrzewalla opted for a mix of permanently installed components and mobile stage sound systems to find the best and most flexible solution possible.

Janine Ballein, Director General of the Emmanuel Cultural Center, on the use of RCF systems: “When modernizing our audio system, it was crucial for us to be able to flexibly cover unusual stage events and situations with the new audio components. Our now used mix of fixed and mobile speakers also significantly reduces our installation efforts.

On the walls, Safe in Sound installed 4x RCF VSA 2050 and 8x RCF VSA 1250 modules (each in white); Active column adjustable beam speakers, equipped with 20 or 12 3.5 ”speakers depending on the version. Their design alone integrates them perfectly into the architecture and the nave of the Emmanuel Church. As mobile stage sound units, 4x RCF SUB 905-AS II in cardioid mode and 6x RCF TT052-A modules, which are placed almost completely on the stage, are in place. In the event that special stage monitors are required, additional RCF HD 10 units are available, combined with additional components from Safe in Sound’s stock.

Guido Ogrzewalla comments on the choice of components and the installation: “RCF products work very well together, whether permanently installed or mobile on stage. All components are connected to RDNet and can be controlled perfectly and in great detail, so that we can achieve the best possible sound result for every event situation.


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