Triveni Digital expands its NextGen TV offerings

PRINCETON, N.J.—Triveni Digital announced the launch of StreamScope XM Monitor for NextGen TV deployments.

Considered an essential new tool for broadcasters operating in the NextGen TV environment, the professional ATSC 3.0 monitoring, auditing and logging system is designed to play a pivotal role in delivering high quality service for NextGen TV while increasing the operational efficiency of broadcasters.

“ATSC 3.0 deployments are accelerating and the complexity of the new broadcast environment requires advanced video, audio and metadata monitoring tools,” said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing at Triveni Digital. “Our new StreamScope XM monitor streamlines NextGen TV operations while enabling broadcasters to deliver exceptional quality of service through state-of-the-art monitoring, reporting, analysis, rules and auditing capabilities.”

Similar to Triveni Digital’s industry-leading StreamScope XM analyzer and other StreamScope XM products, the new StreamScope XM monitor is built on the company’s field-proven ATSC 3.0 advanced analysis engine. The monitor performs advanced real-time monitoring of ATSC 3.0 streams and allows broadcasters to create rules-based notifications to quickly identify and resolve NextGen TV service quality issues. Data integrity capabilities on the StreamScope XM monitor ensure accurate delivery of broadcast applications and datacast content, the company reported.

Additionally, the StreamScope XM Monitor’s long-term monitoring and reporting capabilities streamline post-mortem analysis, ensuring broadcasters can deliver exceptional quality of service in the NextGen TV environment. With the solution’s auditing capabilities, broadcasters can ensure compliance with key industry regulations, including closed captioning, audio volume and emergency alert system, the company said.

The monitor offers seamless integration with Triveni Digital’s StreamScope XM Analyzer, StreamScope XM Dashboard and StreamScope Enterprise. By connecting to Triveni Digital’s centralized StreamScope Enterprise software solution, the system enables customizable dashboards and enterprise-wide visibility into ATSC 3.0 service assurance issues for broadcasters to detect, isolate and resolve issues quickly.

Triveni Digital will showcase the new ATSC 3.0 StreamScope XM monitor at 2022 NAB ShowApril 23-27 in Las Vegas at booth W9418.

More information about Triveni Digital products is available at

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