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Twitter’s list of new product announcements is not slowing down. The company today launched a number of new initiatives to better serve conversations and the community using its platform, including support for tipping with crypto, NFT authentication, and plans for other experiences designed to provide more context on a conversation for those who just joined. The company also said it is preparing to launch its own creation fund in a few weeks to provide audio creators with access to financial, technical and marketing support.

While Twitter wasn’t yet ready to go into details like fund size or expected reach, in terms of creative participants, it’s a clear shot ahead of a top contender in the industry. social audio, Clubhouse, whose own creator “accelerator” offered to connect its participants with branded offers or $ 5,000 per month while participating in its program.

Likewise, Twitter sees its creation fund not intended to reward creators for the content they produce – like some rival funds on Facebook, Instagram, Snap and elsewhere – but rather to help creators get started. audio productions on Twitter Spaces.

“The goal is really to provide that technical and marketing expertise,” said Esther Crawford, Twitter product manager for Creator Monetization. “We see this as a sort of interim solution. We want to integrate these people into other long-term monetization features. But we want to give them a first boost, ”she said.

Spaces hosts will also be able to record and replay their programs – a move likely intended to counter the threat of competing platforms that present recording as a key differentiator. It will launch in “a few months,” the company said.

Twitter also today announced a few new products and recently launched feature extensions.

One of these is a new feature that would allow its app to better serve creators working with NFTs or non-fungible tokens – a way to certify digital assets, stored on the blockchain. Artists now create NFTs of their work which are sold in NFT markets like OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare and others.

Twitter has announced plans to explore support for NFT authentication “soon”. This would allow the creators of NFT to connect their crypto wallets to Twitter, in order to track and showcase their NFTs on the platform. This particular plan is still in its early stages, as Twitter couldn’t yet explain how it would work. The company said it was testing different ideas to make designers with authenticated collections stand out more visually – perhaps with something like a profile badge or a different shaped avatar.

When asked for more details on its broader NFT roadmap, Twitter declined to comment.

Another new feature in the crypto space is support for Bitcoin tipping. Twitter first introduced its “Tip Jar” feature in May as a beta product, allowing users to send and receive one-time payments through third-party services such as PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Cash App, Bandcamp and others. Now, the feature will expand to a global audience on iOS with upcoming Android, and add support for tipping with Bitcoin.

There will be several ways that Bitcoin cheats can work. Users will be able to add a Bitcoin Lightning wallet or their Bitcoin address in order to start receiving Bitcoin tips. Lightning wallets are popular among users of the crypto community because of their lower transaction fees, Twitter said.

In fact, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey this summer tweeted that it was “only a matter of time” before Twitter incorporated support for the Lightning Network, a layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, into its platform. At the time, there were a few speculation that users would first see this type of medium in a micropayment product, which has now proven its worth.

The Tip Jar will also add a few other services, including GoFundMe.

Another new experience called “Heads Up” is the first that will help give users a sense of the mood of a conversation before they get started. One of Twitter’s thorniest issues is its inability to help people feel safe by sharing their thoughts and opinions on its network. , which has served as a breeding ground for the culture of cancellation, and where armies of trolls can swoop down at any time on marginalized voices or others with which they disagree – such as activists, women in the technology (as was made famous with the Gamergate scandal) or women journalists.

In this area, Twitter has been working to create new features such as those that allow users to limit who can reply to their tweets, which it says has contributed to a drop in reports of abuse over the years. last four weeks. It also launched Safety Mode in beta, which provides a sort of automated level of protection against harassment during a time of heightened abuse. This created a way for people to quietly remove subscribers as an alternative block. And today, Twitter is announcing that it will soon be launching a new feature that will allow users to opt out of a conversation in which they are mentioned, and is experimenting with a new feature called “word filters” that would allow users to stop them. abusive tweets that don’t. cross the line by being against the politics of Twitter.

Twitter hasn’t fully explained how it will measure the mood of a conversation in order to alert newcomers to the nature of the discussion, but said it plans to mine data from its emoji reactions (which doesn’t are only now in testing) and response prompts, which alert users when they are about to post something potentially offensive.

The company has launched new products at an incredibly rapid pace in recent months, with additions that have included a rapidly improved Twitter Spaces audio chat platform, the launch of interest-based “Communities”, a platform for creators. Super follow-up, newsletters through its acquisition of Revue, tips, a premium subscription service called Twitter Blue, participatory fact-checking with Birdwatch, new e-commerce features, new profiles and tags, a reopened account verification system , conversation controls, direct message enhancements and more.

Today, he offered a few updates on a handful of these products.

He said he’s working on more space discovery tools that will make it easier to find spaces at the top of the timeline and elsewhere in the app – a likely reference to the dedicated Spaces tab on mobile. It’s also expanding access to Ticketed Spaces, improving newsletter discovery, launching a new creator income dashboard, and working on more account labels – like these brands and those that would help commemorate the accounts of the deceased. – among others.

More broadly, Twitter has tried to explain its strategy, which looks more and more like “throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks”. In fact, he admitted that – to an extent – maybe that is what he is doing.

“You will continue to see us move towards this vision through experimentation and iteration,” Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer products, explained on Twitter. “You will see us publicly sharing our progress along the way, as we have done over the past few years. And you won’t see us sticking to the things that don’t work. We did this with Fleets and you’ll continue to see it with other explorations we’re testing. We think if we don’t slow things down every now and then then we aren’t taking big enough bets, ”he added.


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