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  • Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yakoob, son of Mullah Omar, reprimanded in an audio message the misconduct and abuse committed by some fighters.

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POSTED 25 SEP 2021 01:45 IST

As the Taliban transition from insurgency to administration in peacetime, leaders have taken notice of reports of abuse in an attempt to present the world with a conciliatory face. Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yakoob, son of Mullah Omar, admonished in an audio message the misconduct of some fighters after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

“We ask you to keep them out of your ranks, otherwise strict measures will be taken against you,” Yakoob said in a message to Taliban commanders. “We don’t want such people in our ranks.”

There have been reports of retaliation by Sunni Pashtun fighters against former government officials and civil society activists despite promises of general amnesty to portray themselves as different from the tough Islamist administration that ruled from 1996. to 2001. Often without an obvious chain of command, Taliban fighters reportedly ill-treated some residents of Kabul.

Yaqoob, who oversaw the Taliban’s military operations during the insurgency, warned that such actions would not be tolerated, according to Reuters.

“As you all know, under the general amnesty announced in Afghanistan, no mujahideen has the right to take revenge on anyone,” he said.

The audio message was tweeted by several Taliban pseudonyms on Twitter and was shared widely on social media. However, it is still unclear which exact incidents Yakoob was referring to. There have been reports of infighting between different factions of the Taliban, some of them wanting to take a moderate approach while others are unwilling to compromise.

Yakoob also took note of some Taliban fighters crashing into government offices and taking selfies.

“It is very reprehensible because everyone is pulling out cell phones and taking pictures in important and sensitive ministries for no reason,” he said. “Such outings and taking pictures and videos will not help you in this world, nor in the hereafter.”

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