Vivaldi gets official support for pinning tab stacks

Vivaldi’s “stackable tabs” are just groups…the only difference is that you waste more space with them than you would with the normal Chromium groups implementation.

Yandex has a similar feature, which is like mixing between workspaces and tab groups. which they also need to implement because they don’t use Chromium’s native groups feature.

The problem is that when you say “biggest feature stacking tabs” the truth is the way it was developed isn’t great because it conflicts with other features like when you start tiling tabs then it breaks the stacking function and sometimes it crashes to the point of no return, the browser has to be restarted.

And while you might not care, the truth is that I’d rather have extensions that work with native Chromium groups like Tab Groups Extension, which can automatically group tabs based on domain or title name or many things, rather than having the same functionality, but since it doesn’t use the native APIs, extensions won’t work, which will make it worse.

For example, Brave implemented vertical tabs, and groups worked automatically, they just have to fix the behavior and improve their appearance, adapting to vertical tabs. But they haven’t reinvented anything, and it only works with extensions that use tab groups or tabs in general.

This is the problem when you have custom UI’s like Vivaldi, Opera, yandex many extensions just won’t work which is more useful than just grouping tabs which you can do anywhere.

I mean, Vivaldi’s customization is nice, but what’s the point of having nice customization if it will be so much slower than any other browser? you know, moving tabs around, switching between windows, opening and closing the browser.

I know some people fall for the idea that Vivaldi cares about people’s privacy, so customization + privacy = amazing. But Google DNS is even enabled by default, and Bing is the default search engine for many people. Additionally, they have an ad blocking list that lists search engine partners that include Bing…
So, do they really care? or they just say it and behind they love getting the money they get from Bing/Microsft?

And let’s not even talk about how their adblocker is really bad and limited it only works for the usual stuff but nothing advanced so they work in customization but don’t work in stuff that matters privacy and Security.
Of course, since their browser is also affected by manifestv3 (not like extensions but it will be affected), it can’t be useful in the future for a lot of things, and that’s because they didn’t not properly focused on the things that matter, and went ahead and implemented the features in the “simplest” way, without doing R&D and just trying to find what was easier instead of better .
UI is literally web technologies, JS, CSS, etc. which are already bad for modern websites when even the simplest recipe page can use 5289374829 MB to have just some animations, tons of JS and crappy CSS, with lots of plugins if they use wordpress which weighs down the things.

So web technologies aren’t bad for a browser’s UI, but they went ahead and did it, and now Blink/Chromium runs as part of the Vivaldi browser.

So, I see the benefits, but the pinning doesn’t seem great at all, and it will still be the same issue of how they built the great customization that Vivaldi has today. Since this is a close source, we don’t know if there are any security issues, but hope not.

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