What to expect from Marvel’s Avengers in 2022

Say that Marvel’s Avengers had a disappointing launch to put it mildly. While the single-player campaign was solid, the cooperative part of the game was full of repetitive missions, a low variety of enemies, and plenty of performance issues. Fortunately, Marvel’s Avengers reversed it in 2021, slowly but steadily righting the ship into a solid games-as-a-service title.

From Marvel’s Avengers” cosmetic and premium products MCU skins to quality boss fights and the game’s first raid, the game added a lot of things players were hoping to see on launch day. The War for Wakanda expansion was also a big step in the right direction, allowing players to explore a unique region and fight enemies that differed significantly from AIM bots. In 2022, Marvel’s Avengers fans can expect a similar approach to content, with the game slowly expanding to include more heroes, villains, and missions.


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Marvel Avengers roadmap for early 2022


Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that the 2022 roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers will arrive at the beginning of the year. Over the next few months, players will get an in-depth look at all that is going on in the game. Based on past roadmaps, it’s easy to determine the format and content that this year’s roadmap goes. take.

Marvel’s Avengers players should see several sections in the new roadmap, each focusing on specific content. Operations for new heroes will likely be seen, with events like the Red Room Takeover between them. There will surely be a section devoted to Delayed Patrol Mode, content that will allow players to freely explore the Wasteland, loot the post-apocalyptic area, and complete objectives for as long as they wish. Cloning Labs, another lagging content focused on teamwork and puzzle-solving, could also occupy its own section.

With the addition of War for Wakanda Marvel’s Avengers‘first raid, and the community thrilled to finally have some truly engaging endgame content, it would make sense to see another raid included on the roadmap as well. This could serve as a finale for another expansion like War for Wakanda, and assuming the same pattern is followed for the next major roadmap, an expansion could arrive in late 2022. Along with those specific content sections, a box at the bottom A roadmap will likely be included and show “in progress” content without a post window. Following MCU combinations, gear overhaul and balance updates could be listed here.

Marvel’s Avengers leak and possible characters

she hulk skins avengers costumes

Marvel’s Avengers fans also get a good idea of ​​the heroes to be expected in 2022, with the character most likely to come to the game being She-Hulk. Not only has She-Hulk been in the game’s files for a long time now, but a leaker recently revealed the voice actor who will play her. The actor in question, Krizia Bajos, responded with a green heart emoji – confirming anything but that she will be playing Jennifer Walters. She-Hulk will likely have her own Operation story with new cutscenes, missions, and a boss fight, and it would make sense for her to be the first hero added in 2022.

The hero who will likely come out after She-Hulk is Winter Soldier. Revealed as part of the same leak which included heroes like She-Hulk, several audio files have since been released that feature characters speaking directly to Bucky Barnes. While dialogue has yet to be taped for the Winter Soldier, the fact that the other actors have recorded their lines indicates he’s coming sooner rather than later. It will likely be released after She-Hulk, coming in the middle of the year. Given the character’s deep connection to Hydra, it wouldn’t be shocking if its content portrayed the group as an enemy faction, with a character like Red Skull serving as the boss fight.

The two other characters with the most files in the game are War Machine and Captain Marvel. Considering they’re romantically involved in the comics, it would make sense for them to have a two-part deal that plays into their bond, similar to the Kate Bishop and Clint Barton DLCs. Captain Marvel’s deep ties to the Kree mean she will likely be the last character added in 2022, as the game’s current story has focused on the destruction of earth by the Kree. With Carol Danvers also being the game’s most prominent hero to date, it makes sense for her to come to the game after War Machine and towards the end of the year. Considering Captain Marvel’s potential as a cosmic hero, there’s also a chance she’ll get a War for Wakanda-sized expansion every time she arrives.

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Square Enix presents content for Marvel’s Avengers


In 2021, Square Enix hosted a few Square Enix Presents events that provided in-depth previews of some of its games. Marvel’s Avengers was present at both spring and summer shows, and if any such events take place in 2022, the game will likely make its presence known again. His first presentation of Square Enix Presents focused on Hawkeye’s flawed future operation, while the second looked at the War for Wakanda expansion and revealed the game’s first roadmap.

Whenever the next Square Enix storefront takes place, Marvel’s Avengers fans can expect to see footage of the next hero coming to the game. If such an event occurs in early 2021, then fans could take a look at She-Hulk or Winter Soldier. If it comes later, War Machine or Captain Marvel could steal the show. Other content could be featured as well, like a new raid – and Crystal Dynamics has the perfect villain for such a mission.

Whether the next raid is added on its own or as part of a full game expansion, Marvel’s Avengers players could end up fighting Ultron. Hank Pym’s robot Roy has been heavily implicated as being a prototype of Ultron on several occasions, with the last tease seeing the robot interact with the Cosmic Cube. If Roy transforms into Ultron, it would be worth showing off at a Square Enix Presents event, as an iconic villain’s debut would surely turn people on. Marvel’s Avengers. While this is pure speculation, Crystal Dynamics went out of their way to set up Ultron and also called Discordant Sound the game’s “first” raid. As such, a new raid and the debut of Ultron is set to arrive in 2022, and the two coming together for some exciting content is a real possibility.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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