WhatsApp adds ability to mute others in group calls, join calls in progress

In context: Forgot to mute yourself in a group call? WhatsApp now offers users the ability to mute individual participants when their audio becomes disruptive. The feature is intended to overcome audio interruptions by non-mute or unruly participants and to avoid background noise generated when multiple users are in the same space.

The new feature is designed to prevent users from being interrupted by unwanted sounds or unavoidable background noises during group calls. It differs from the options provided in other popular tools such as Zoom and Teams, which only allow you to mute all participants. The feature was recently promoted by WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart and will provide a more granular level of control for call participants…

In addition to the mute feature, WhatsApp is also rolling out the ability to join calls in progress. As described by Meta, the new join feature is a way to keep calls flowing naturally and spontaneously. Rather than having to answer the call when it starts, participants will now be able to join a call in progress or, if necessary, drop and reconnect later to the same call.

The new mute call and join features are just two additional features in a growing list of recent additions to WhatsApp. Since late last year, WhatsApp developers have provided end-to-end encryption (E2EE), the ability to move content from Android to iPhone devices, and the ability to hide your last seen status from other users. .

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