Why are Australians fighting?

Littering, dodgy car parks and public vandalism are the biggest gripes irritating Australians, with people taking out their phones to dob their neighbors for bad behavior more than 160,000 times this year alone.

The most common nationwide complaint is about litter being litter, with over 75,000 reports submitted to local councils so far in 2022. Victorians contributed to the majority of these complaints, sending 43,456, while it was also the most common complaint for West Australians.

Rubbish dumped in Darlinghurst, Sydney in May. Credit:Kate Geraghty

In New South Wales, ratepayers filed more than 17,000 improper parking complaints, making it the most common complaint in the state, followed by littering (15,201 reports) and abandoned carts (11,934 reports).

Parking was the second most frequently reported issue in Victoria, where more than 20,000 complaints have been lodged so far. Reports of graffiti and vandalism have risen in Melbourne since the start of the pandemic, with Victorians contributing to a third of the 36,000 reports filed nationwide.

Queensland and Tasmania share NSW’s aversion to poor parking, while South Australia and the ACT complain the most about abandoned carts.

In the Northern Territory, the most common complaint was overgrown vegetation and trees.

Reports are submitted via the Snap Send Solve app, which allows users to send photos of an issue directly to the council or the relevant authority.

The most common complaints by Australian state

Victoria: Waste – 43,456 reports

New South Wales: Parking – 17,113 reports

Queensland: Parking – 8,378 reports

Western Australia: Waste – 2,720 reports

South Australia: Abandoned carts – 2,173 reports

Tasmania: Parking – 436 reports

ACT: Abandoned carts – 379 reports

Northern Territory: Overgrown vegetation and trees – 110 reports

Michele Hackney often finds discarded rubbish near the footpaths during her frequent bush walks around her home in Killarney Heights, Sydney’s north.

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